Let your dream take flight!

Conquer new challenges and have fun while doing so. Explore new locations and new perspectives. For a more practical side, flying yourself is a flexible, cost-effective way to travel while avoiding airline hassles and expenses.

Winter Ground School Starts In January

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BEFA Flying Study Group
Saturday, March 21st  10-11:45 am  Renton Classroom   

Nonmembers Welcome

"What Pilots Should Know About Flutter"

Flutter is a destructive aeroelastic phenomenon that can potentially affect any aircraft. While your airplane has been carefully designed to prevent flutter, you should understand what that entails and be aware of conditions that might reduce flutter margins.

BEFA Offers:
  • Wide selection of well-equipped, professionally maintained aircraft

  • Excellent history of safety

  • Highly qualified flight instructors, both flight and ground

  • Full-motion flight simulator, reducing cost of initial and recurrent training

  • Web-based resource scheduling

  • Approximately 25% lower cost than typical fixed base operators